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Boutique wines you won't find anywhere else but at the winery.

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The Story of Vinzy


Once upon a time...

Evil Wine Empire...there was an evil empire that controlled the world of wine. This empire was made up of 3 main parts:

The 3-tier system which controls the sale of wine – taking profits from both the wineries and the resellers (retailers and restaurants), in the end making us all pay more for wine. Middle men sucking up profits.

The top-down scoring system where 2 publications tell us all what good wine is. Pshaw.

The buy-‘em-up corporate wineries who mask their dominance and hide behind different labels. 50 wineries produce 83% of wine in the US.

Things were bleak.

Things were bleak.We looked for good wines in grocery stores, but only found boring corporate wines from the same old places.

We looked in wine stores, but were subjected to the tastes of the owner and employees – and were still paying too much because of the middle men.

We even looked online, but ended up getting lost looking at labels, scores that never really helped and prices (more is better?).

The only place we could find good wines was by going to the source: the wineries themselves. But we didn’t have the time (or resources) to go and find all the good wineries throughout the US – there were so many.

Then came vinzy.

Along came vinzyVinzy slayed the 3-tier system by cutting out the middle men – allowing us to all buy wines direct from wineries that we would never find otherwise.

Vinzy killed the scoring system by hand-selecting only the best wines, and then allowing us to create our own personal wine profile so that we can find wines that we actually like, not wines that we are told we should like.

And finally, Vinzy took down the corporate wineries by choosing only fine wines from cult and boutique wineries and giving them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

And so we all lived happily ever after…in wine. 

We all lived happily ever after in wine.

Why partner with Vinzy?

We all lived happily ever after in wine.


Are you looking to break into new markets? Looking to break out of distributor relationships? Looking to try a new varietal or blend? Vinzy might be the answer for you.

Vinzy is an online marketplace for rare and exclusive wines. We have a constantly growing customer base of people who love wine - and are willing to pay for it. 

The wines we offer are our brand. As such, we will be marketing your winery. We make heavy use of social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and will promote you.

Best yet, you ship the wine, so ultimately, our customers are your customers. And because you ship, there is no need to go through the distributors. Meaning you get more for your wine.

What do we look for?

Ultimately, Vinzy is about telling a story. The story of your winery. The story of your wine(s).

We are looking for unique wines. We are looking for exclusive wines, wine that can't be found in many other places. Interesting wines. Fun wines. Wines from boutique and smaller producers (we don't like to put an exact number on it...but you know if you're too big or not).

We are looking for good wines. Regardless of price.

How does it work?

Simply put, you tell us. We will agree on a price and an allotment, as well as a target end price (so as not to dilute your price point). You will be guaranteed that price for every bottle we sell, we will take care of the rest. Shipping costs - handled. Bulk discounts - not your problem. Taxes - deducted. And so on. 

When it comes time for shipping (we can agree on frequency and times for doing this), you will get your per bottle price for all orders, along with shipping costs and tax payments. Then you can ship the wine per these orders.

Compliance? We will help. We will ensure that our customers can only ship to states that are legal and that you are licensed to ship to. We will also provide year end reports and tax reports to make this process as easy as possible.

Interested? Have more questions or want more details?

Send us your info or call us anytime at 1-657-888-4699 (1-657-88-VINZY).